Bathroom Remodeling

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Get professional bathroom remodeling services in Billings, MT

When you're spending the time and money to remodel your bathroom, your new design should be both functional and stylish. This may mean relocating some of your plumbing fixtures. Stacy's Plumbing Solutions provides bathroom plumbing remodeling services throughout Billings, MT and beyond. We can access hard-to-reach plumbing lines and remodel your plumbing system to give you the spa-like oasis you want and need.

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Your bathroom oasis starts here

Your bathroom oasis starts here

Remodeling your bathroom can breathe new life into your otherwise lackluster space. Don't risk plumbing issues later down the line by doing it yourself. Stacy's Plumbing Solutions offers comprehensive bathroom remodeling services. This includes:

  • Demolishing the current layout
  • Relocating the plumbing lines under your floor
  • Installing new plumbing fixtures
  • Repairing concrete and drywall


We'll safely relocate and reconnect your plumbing network to keep your home running smoothly. Hire a qualified plumber to handle your plumbing remodel.